Hexitime membership reaches 200!

Hexitime membership reaches 200!

Less than four weeks since the launch of the first skill exchange for healthcare improvers, Hexitime has reached the milestone of 200 members. The growing community varies from clinicians supporting patients on the frontline, through to academics, analysts and Quality Improvement experts from around the UK.

John Lodge, co-founder of Hexitime and Head of Quality Improvement at NHS I in London said:

Our aim is to assist NHS professionals to add value to themselves, and improve the quality of healthcare services. Hexitime is already proving to be a unique platform for members to come together and exchange skills and resources for free.

John Lodge

Hesham Abdalla co-founder of Hexitime and consultant paediatrician explained:

Feedback from our early adopters has been very encouraging. Members are enthused by the reciprocal nature of timebanking as it allows you to give an hour then get one back when you need it. Last week we were honoured to receive a tribute from Professor Michael West from the Kings Fund, who said he thought Hexitime was a wonderful means of harnessing our intrinsic kindness for the benefit of all.

Hesham Abdalla

Since the launch on 4th April, there have been five completed skill exchanges between members. These include mentoring, training and support in diverse areas including human factors, data visualisation and pathway development for hospital staff.

Mark Hellaby ODP (Operating Department Practitioner) and Healthcare leader was the first to bank credits with his response to a request for help with Human Factors training. Mark, an expert in cognitive errors, supported the delivery of a successful conference in Walsall to help improve the quality of their maternity services. Reflecting on his experience, he said:

I really think you have developed something special with Hexitime. The experience really gave me the opportunity to reflect and coalesce some thoughts particularly about interruptions which I’ve often thought are a major source of performance variation but so endemic I wasn’t sure what to do.

Mark Hellaby

Another successful exchange was between Alexandra Starks and Dan Johnson who added a request for help with data visualisation. Dan said:

I was really surprised and pleased with the calibre of people that came forward to help. The actual session itself was really informative and was exactly what I needed.  Not only did I get the knowledge and materials I required to go away and complete the work myself, I was able to gain some useful context and understanding of what NHSI were doing with trusts on data.

Dan Johnson

Hexitime is part of the Health Foundation’s Q Exchange programme. It currently displays 30 generous offers and 20 heartfelt requests for skills and support.

Want to learn more?

Members of the Q community can learn more about how they can benefit and help it grow by joining a webinar on 2nd May at 1pm. At the webinar, Hexitime founders John and Hesham will explain how the website works and share more about the impact and skill exchanges in progress.

Register here for the Zoom video call (to receive your personal login info): https://zoom.us/meeting/register/34f4daebbb7f0c23dc2040ba88984b7b 


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