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This concept was a winner of the Q Exchange programme.

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Healthcare 'Quality Improvers' have been asking for ways to contribute to the network and add value to themselves, their organisations and their community.

Some want to learn from improvement work in other organisations, challenge themselves or support these teams. Others have specific demand for skills that are uniquely available to the Quality Improvement network, and so they are seeking a way of sourcing these skills to ignite programmes in their own organisations. Hexitime is an elegant solution to help address both of these areas.

Give an hour, get one back

The concept of healthcare timebanking was first proposed at the 2017 annual Q Community event in Liverpool and followed up with learning from timebanks in public services which have united disenfranchised communities. Small scale pilots across the Q Community have left members inspired, better resourced and equipped with new ideas. These have subsequently contributed to successful bids of funding for further programmes.

Observing the simple premise of reciprocity (give an hour and get one back), timebanking is a virtual currency for skills exchanges that can work at organisational, regional or national levels. It is a way to source the skills, energy and expertise of the Quality Improvement community without real money changing hands. All exchanges are for improvement work and exchanges are equitable (e.g. member ‘A’ is not worth more than member ‘B’).

Give credit to your community

This platform is for Quality Improvers of healthcare to exchange information and skills with each other in an equitable manner. In participating, you are maximising the skills and experiences of the network to improve our health and social care services. You can earn time credits by offering your skills for improvement work, you can spend your credits to draw Hexitime members into your own work, and you can even donate credits to others - all the time building up your personal contributions in numbers and highlights.

We hope this platform brings you joy.

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Hexitime is funded by the Health Foundation’s Q Exchange programme. The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.

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