How to Make a Lemonade Life: Growing Resilience When Life Feels Tough

Added by
Zoe Richards
on 30th June 2019

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I’d like to offer something to anyone interested in building resilience - How to Make a Lemonade Life.

A bit of back story.

In October it will be 22 years since I failed at something. I failed to take my life. I’m a suicide survivor. Carrying on after is much tougher than deciding to end it. But over the years I learned how to build my strength back up. The journey will never be over. Thankfully the light days outweigh the dark ones considerably now.

The journey I went on led me to create something I call “How to Make a Lemonade Life”. You know the saying? When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. But nobody gives you the recipe. This is the recipe for a lemonade life. It takes time to turn things around - after all, it takes time to get to rock bottom, and it takes time to create your lemonade life. I'm testament to the fact you can change things, from the worst of places to the best of places.

So my offer. Do you have a team who could do with a bit of a fun approach to building some resilience? I'm based in the North West of England but can do something using Skype or Zoom for people to join in around the country. 

Please let me know if you’re interested. It’s useful stuff. For you or for anyone in your team. 

When: Every week

09:00 - 17:00
I can deliver this session via Skype/Zoom in the evening for many people to attend from home

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