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Chris Thomas
on 15th April 2019

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Alt-24/7 Q Time Banks (based on Hexitime)

Request to discuss the coproduction of a community based Patient-centred Timebank based on the Workforce Q Community Timebank – Hexitime.

Alt. 24/7 is a digital healthcare change project idea developed in line with the Triple Aim of healthcare- that is to improve population health, the lived experience of care and to reduce per capita cost.

It is underpinned by the: ‘Supporting NHS staff who are volunteers’ document:

The underpinning concept of Alt. 24/7 Timebanks is to provide an opportunity for healthcare staff to choose to join a timebank. The timebank enables staff to ‘Bank’ their 3-day volunteer paid allowance of 24hours/year by offering online digital healthcare support during any 7 months each year, with 5 months off any volunteering. The volunteering could be submitted and validated as CPD.

Any citizen with a Long-Term Condition (LTC) may register, using NHS number, as a volunteer to donate their time based on the same volunteer requirements and principles of alt 24/7 Timebanks, that is, subject the values, safety and privacy regulations.

Each registrant will receive 2 credits where 1 credit is equivalent to 1 hour. This enables registrants to Offer or Request a specific time exchange.

For example:

Offer– to allay anxiety for newly diagnosed patients with an autoimmune condition

Request– I am a newly diagnosed patient with a mental health condition and need support from another patient currently living with, and managing their condition


Request– I want to participate in a webinar to discuss my post-operative breast cancer treatment

Offer– I can participate in the production of a post-operative breast cancer care webinar


Scope and Boundary

To co-produce and co-design a network of information about Timebanks for people with lived experience of different chronic conditions: for example: IBS (NHS Somerset Partnership).

This long term concept is built upon newly developed improvement strategies (namely Somerset Partnership NHS Patient Webinars and Q Community Time Bank) to establish a network of ‘Alternative Time Banks’ to improve healthcare for people with complex and multiple long-term healthcare conditions (LTCs).

Each timebank may collaborate in partnership with their local Higher Education Institution for different long-term conditions creating and nurturing learning networks to support continual improvement.

Networks offer an opportunity for NHS and public sector workers to opt to take their three days’ paid leave volunteering developing and participating in, for example, developing specialist webinars.

Could a person-centred policy making agenda, pledge funds to develop timebanking, for example, ‘artificial intelligence to transform healthcare outcomes for single condition stakeholders’ offer support?

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