Run a Hexithon!

Added by
Hesham Abdalla
on 5th April 2019

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Are you planning an event for individuals with experience or expertise in quality improvement who might become Hexitime members or supporters?

At the Hexitime launch we trialed a new workshop format devised with Matthew Mezey (Q Community Manager) to engage participants in the idea. It went really well, inspired new members and produced dozens of offers and requests.

Feedback  included "Often you go to workshops that are just talking shops, but today we had a session that was inspirational and led to actual outcomes!"

We are calling it a Hexithon and is based on the liberating structures "1-2-4-All".  It gets participants thinking and talking about what they can offer and what they need to deliver great healthcare. It connects people in the room and initiates real activities that participants are committed to.

Our request is that you

  1. pitch Hexitime at the next meeting you hold for a Quality Improvement audience
  2. then allocate half an hour for a Hexithon, run the session and feedback on how it went.

John or I can offer

  1. A telephone or video call beforehand to coach on the benefits of the Timebanking for QI and the Hexithon
  2. Powerpoint slides with speakers' notes that you can use to introduce the concept of timebanking, Hexitime and how to run the Hexithon
  3. Show you how to post the offers and requests on the platform and then reallocate them to new Hexitime members

If we're available, we could even come and facilitate the session for you.

In true QI style, we would then love to hear whether it achieved your aim, measure how many activities you generated and what would make it even better.


This Hexithon exercise is a really enjoyable and engaging way to surface the skills of the people in the room, that so often can remain hidden. It also gets everyone talking about their concrete needs around improvement. Use it to energise your improvers, and give them the opportunity to benefit from joining Hexitime.

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