Seeking BME Psychoanalytical Mentor

Added by
Shyaam Bundy
on 10th August 2020

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My name is Shyaam Bundy and I am an aspiring Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist. I'm looking for a mentor to support me in becoming a Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist. 

I currently have an unconditional offer to study the Psychodynamics of Human Development at Birkbeck University in 2021 and have decided to spend the next academic year continuing my placement in CAMHS during the interim, whilst familiarizing myself with the literature.

Identifying as an ethnic minority, born in the North of England and now residing in East London, my hardships and struggles have led me on a path of self-discovery and exploration. I aspire to bridge the gap for future generations of young black men who wish to pursue a career in Psychotherapy; as well as act as a beacon of hope for those who are considering Psychotherapy in order to understand themselves and their past.

My current role involves being a part of the Neurodevelopmental Pathway as a Mental Health Worker offering individual and group therapeutic support for children and young people with either a diagnosis or suspected Autism & ADHD and Co-occuring Mental Health difficulties. Previous experience as an Assistant Psychologist in and around East London delivering assessments & play-based interventions under the supervision of both Clinical and Educational Psychologists in both clinic and school settings. During this time, I also trained as a Therapeutic Play Worker at the Institute of Arts in Therapy & Education in London.

I also run a Mental Health blog which I share my experiences at and I offer a voice to such topics on my podcast YouThinkYouKnow, available on all major podcast streaming services.

If you feel as though you would be able to offer such support, please do get in touch to discuss this further. 

Kind Regards,

Shyaam Bundy (BSc., MBPsS)

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