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QSIR London Faculty - A forum for QI training

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A virtual faculty for brokering the demand in London for QSIR training, with QSIR Associates who can deliver it.

Designed to operate across the whole London system. Please upload your requests for training or your offers to deliver it in this campaign feature. 

You can also share offers/requests for things like QSIR venues, speaking engagements, etc etc. 

Between us we can share our expanding QSIR associate base - join today!   

[QSIR is an NHS backed, fully accredited free quality improvement training programme offering 1 and 5 day courses as well as train the trainer 'associate' training. For more details see]

John Lodge | 30th Sep 2019

The London QSIR Faculty launches - join today!  

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Our vision for Hexitime is to facilitate improvement within health and social care across a variety of member, organisation, special interest, regional, national and system levels.

To achieve this, we have developed a partnership model for groups and organisations who wish to ignite collaboration across the system with our innovative skill exchange and timebank.

With many partner benefits such as administration access, bespoke reports, increased visibility and the opportunity to sponsor campaigns; we warmly invite you to help us co-create the Hexitime movement.

If you are interested in becoming a Hexitime partner, please contact Hesham or John.

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As a health care systems engineer, I have lots of experience with techniques and tools for visualising the complex behaviour of complicated systems ... Read more

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  • 12 regions

I have developed some AI (augmented intelligence) software for helping with unscheduled care flow improvement and can offer a limited number of ... Read more

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I am a QSIR accredited trainer and would be happy to run a 1 day QSIR or QI introduction training module for your team. I'm happy to have a ... Read more

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John Lodge

Head of Quality Improvement (London) NHS England and NHS Improvement
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I wanted to create a brokering platform where everyone in the health and social care system could have the opportunity to share and gain access to free skills and experience they need to improve services. Through the Q community I partnered with Hesh ... Read more

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Vicky Dunne

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Dave Grewcock

Head of Improvement at University College London Hospitals
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Interested in Quality Improvement! ... Read more

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