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Reducing the length of stays in hospitals. Mobilising patients and staff.

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Dear Hexitime colleagues and comrades,

It's much better for a patient's physical and mental wellbeing to leave hospital as soon as they are medically optimised for discharge.

Yet each year, nearly 350,000 patients spend more than three weeks in acute hospitals. Many are older people with reduced functional ability (frailty) or cognitive impairment.

Prolonged stays in hospital are incredibly harmful as described here. The benefits of reducing hospital bed occupancy are clear, therefore, but achieving it has proven difficult - particularly during winter.

In Walsall, patients' average length of stay is 1 day longer than the average across the country of 9 days. Hexitime and Walsall Together have joined forces to tackle this problem.

Our immediate ambition is to bring this down to the national average level within 6 months. This campaign gives you an opportunity to play your part and be a part of something bigger.

Simply tag your activity or profile to this campaign and, working together, let's reduce the length of stay in hospitals.

With sincere thanks,

Hesham, John and the Walsall together team.


Hesham Abdalla | 02nd Sep 2019

Welcome to the first campaign launched on Hexitime.

This campaign is in partnership with Hexitime and Walsall together. Watch this space for more news

Support as an individual

There are many ways to engage with activities in support of this campaign. You can even yourself. Here's how to get involved:

Please don't forget to tag this campaign to your saved profile. This will show everyone that you support this campaign. Good luck and thank you for your support.

Become a partner

Our vision for Hexitime is to facilitate improvement within health and social care across a variety of member, organisation, special interest, regional, national and system levels.

To achieve this, we have developed a partnership model for groups and organisations who wish to ignite collaboration across the system with our innovative skill exchange and timebank.

With many partner benefits such as administration access, bespoke reports, increased visibility and the opportunity to sponsor campaigns; we warmly invite you to help us co-create the Hexitime movement.

If you are interested in becoming a Hexitime partner, please contact Hesham or John.

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I am the founder of Made Open - a design and technology company in Cornwall. This platform is the product of my professional experiences as a service designer and a lifetime of people watching. I believe in connecting people, communities and organisa ... Read more

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I wanted to create a brokering platform where everyone in the health and social care system could have the opportunity to share and gain access to free skills and experience they need to improve services. Through the Q community I partnered with  ... Read more

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