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Reducing the length of stays in hospitals. Mobilising patients and staff.

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Dear Colleagues,

It's much better for a patient's physical and mental wellbeing to leave hospital as soon as they are medically optimised for discharge.

Yet each year, nearly 350,000 patients spend more than three weeks in acute hospitals. Many are older people with reduced functional ability (frailty) or cognitive impairment.

Prolonged stays in hospital are harmful as described here. A stay in hospital over 10 days leads to 10 years of muscle ageing for people who are most at risk.

The benefits of reducing hospital bed occupancy are clear, therefore, but achieving it has proven difficult - particularly during winter.

In Walsall, patients' average length of stay is 1 day longer than the average across the country of 9 days. Walsall Together and Hexitime have joined forces to tackle this problem.

Our immediate ambition is to bring this down to the national average level within 6 months. This campaign gives you an opportunity to play your part and be a part of something bigger.

Simply tag your activity or profile to this campaign and, working together, let's reduce the length of stay in hospitals.

With sincere thanks,

Hesham, John and the Walsall Together team.


Hesham Abdalla | 30th Sep 2019

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust has a current  length of stay (LoS) for non-elective in patients which is in the bottom 3rd quartile nationally; given that patients who spend longer in hospital are at greater risk of harm, it is not in our patients’ interest and frustrating for them, our staff and the organisation.

To improve patient safety, care and outcomes the Trust has set an ambition of achieving the National median for LoS by 31 March 2020, which is the reduction of 1 day from our current average. This target is across the Trust, however MLTC are pioneering a number of Quality Improvement (QI) projects which are looking to lead the way for identifying wider improvements across the organisation. The aim is to ensure the Right Patient get to the Right Bed, First time providing Safe, high quality care.

Following a number of workshops with representation from the multi-disciplinary teams working in Medicine and Long Term Conditions (MLTC) together with colleagues in the Community and Clinical Support, the team worked together to populate their “4N Chart”. (Nuggets/Niggles/NiceIfs/NoNos)

From this work a number of key Improvement Changes have been identified. Wards have subsequently nominated themselves to undertake small improvement changes on their areas. These include:

  • Improving drug charts completion to reduce errors and improve discharge flow
  • Review of documentation to potentially reduce unneccesary paperwork and spped up the EDS
  • What does  good Board round practice look like – and how can we share it?
  • Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy using innovative technology in community
  • Nursing Home discharge pathways – how can we speed up discharges safely?
  • Weekend Phlebotomy to reduce waits for results
  • Bedside Mobility Assessment Tool to enhance patients mobilisation earlier and more effectively
  • Reducing "lost" CT scan slots when patients move from the emergency department

Is there something here that you think might be helpful for your ward or service area? Is there a project here you might have some thoughts about or might want to ask how they are coming along or how you might be able to help? This platform gives you the opportunity to give your opinions, ideas or things you might want to share that you’ve already implemented.

Please join this campaign to help support the work already started and share and speed up innovative care.”


Stay tuned for more updates

Hesham Abdalla | 02nd Sep 2019

Welcome to the first campaign launched on Hexitime.

This campaign is in partnership with Hexitime and Walsall together. Watch this space for more news

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Support Reducing the length of stays in hospitals. Mobilising patients and staff.

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