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Support your NHS colleagues through COVID-19

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Join Hexitime’s response to support colleagues across the NHS.

Hexitime has been temporarily repurposed to relieve pressure on NHS key workers, with help from their NHS colleagues.

Our aim is to help coordinate staff (not members of the public) with spare capacity to keep their NHS colleagues fresh and supported when they are off work.

How does Hexitime work?

Hexitime is free to anyone working in healthcare. You can:

  • Request help (part of the timebank)
  • Offer to help others (part of the timebank)
  • Volunteer
  • Add volunteering opportunities
  • Share ideas and experiences
  • Set up project teams
  • Stay connected

You will need to complete a two-stage registration process to join the timebank:

  • Step 1: Register on this platform.
  • Step 2: Apply to join the timebank (we aim to approve all applications within 24 hours).

Once you have joined the timebank, you can post offers of help and post requests for help. Joining the timebank means signing up to our timebank terms and conditions, which offer guidelines for keeping you and your colleagues safe. If you are requesting help on behalf of someone else, please ensure you don’t reveal any personally identifiable information about them. Just describe what you need and where (broadly) you need it.

Good luck and please click on the following button to get started.

Get started 

Updates from campaigns will appear here.

Here's four ways we think you can help:

If you feel you can help your colleagues, familiarise yourself with the functionality on this platform and, in particular, the concept of "tags". Tags connect your activity and your profile to your NHS organisation.

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view member profile "John Lodge"
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John Lodge

Head of Quality Improvement (London) NHS England and NHS Improvement
8 Activities
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13 Credits

I wanted to create a brokering platform where everyone in the health and social care system could have the opportunity to share and gain access to free skills and experience they need to improve services. Through the Q community I partnered with Hesh ... Read more

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An individual

view member profile "Najeeb Rahman"

Najeeb Rahman

Emergency Medicine Consultant
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I have trained and worked in the UK,graduting from Leeds. Hold a Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance as well as a Masters in Public Health, and have a special interest in global emergency medicine and humanitarian assistance. Currently works as a Con ... Read more

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An individual

view member profile "Amy Maclean"

Amy Maclean

Senior Project Manager, Children's Networks
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2 Credits

I am based at Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospitals and work across the Birmingham healthcare network to reduce paediatric non-emergency A&E visits and improve direct access to the right care/right place/ right time for children and young p ... Read more

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