Tell us a bit about yourself and your role

I’ve been working at KSS AHSN for over 3 years and have spent time at Surrey Heartlands and more recently at Kent and Medway STP. Working with teams based at KSS AHSN and across the region means I’ve had the chance to work alongside some amazing colleagues with incredible skills and experience, who have a shared passion for improving services and the lives of the people accessing them.

What sort of work have you been doing?

Our KSS AHSN strapline is “transforming lives through innovation”. I’ve been working with improvement teams across the region to share skills and knowledge, build capacity and help effective innovation reach more people more quickly. The innovations can range from life-saving gadgets to unique and in some cases simple interventions that make a big impact.

It sounds like you need to be a good collaborator?

Absolutely! For me it’s all about working together for patients, carers and members of the public (including our precious workforce). I believe we are bound by a shared commitment to deliver good quality care and support better health and wellbeing. Basically, the foundational values of our NHS constitution.

So what are some of the challenges you see?

There are loads of people across the region with lots of skills they’re happy to share. And there are some networks that help that to happen. But what if you’re not part of one of those networks but need some expertise? Where do you start? How do you find someone who will be willing and able to help?

I sense we’re getting to the big reveal!

I think Hexitime can make a real difference here – put simply, it’s going to help build a community in which individuals can share their expertise and find the skills and knowledge they need. And no money changes hands!

Remember that NHS constitution value ‘everyone counts’? Well, one of the things I really like about Hexitime is that at its core is an operating model that believes that we all have something important to contribute to healthcare improvement, innovation and research - and that this can be realised when everyone’s time is valued equally.

One of the most heartening and refreshing things about Hexitime is that it levels the playing field (so to speak), with connections and exchanges not based on hierarchy, but rather on skills and knowledge. On Hexitime, your function does not determine your value.

What’s the opportunity you see at system level as well as for individuals?

It’s an opportunity for us to work with partners to publicise Hexitime and mobilise experts across the region to connect on areas of mutual interest. But also connecting and building skills and capability in and between health and care systems and across traditional boundaries.

Basically, more partnerships, more collaborations, quicker spread of good practice, knowledge and life-transforming innovation and hopefully a happier work force!

How do people get involved?

It’s very simple. You can join the community and register for free at

If you’re already using Hexitime, you work in Kent, Surrey or Sussex and have an experience to share we’d love to hear from you – please drop us a line.

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