Impact stories

How is Hexitime making a difference? Read our impact stories.

Introduction to Quality Improvement

Dave Grewcock > Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust needed to deliver a 1-day introduction to Quality Improvement for a group of its staff. Their internal providers were unavailable and so John Lodge added a request on Hexitime for a QSIR accredited trainer to deliver this and Dave Grewcock, Head of Improvement at the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, responded to the request.


Members review their Hexitime experiences

"It allows the exchange of skills and support whilst also providing a good opportunity to network with colleagues." Anil

"I've found a QI coach, attended an improvement seminar and accessed a tour of a neighbouring Trust's QI systems." Deborah

"Following on from our exchange, George and his colleague got to experience a range of simulation modelling techniques." Simon


Human factors training

Mark Hellaby > Walsall Healthcare

The CQC had criticised Walsall Healthcare for having poor services around child birth, which were described as unsafe and poorly led.

This prompted 12 months of improvement including a human factors programme that has transformed care in the department and contributed to a much more favourable CQC report.


Paediatrics process mapping

Tom Rose > Caroline Mansell

The discharge process from the children’s ward was complicated and laden with duplication and waste. This meant that correspondence did not reliably reach GPs in a timely manner, which increased the risk to patients and their families.


Presenting mental health data

Alexandra Starks > Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson and Alexandra Starks had never met, yet both work in national organisations for the NHS about 0.5 miles apart. Daniel and his team support mental health services but were struggling to do so effectively with the way their data was presented in a text heavy format with confusing visuals.


Complexity informed improvement webinar

Gareth Evans > Q Community SIG group

Gareth Evans heard about Hexitime via a blog on the Q Community website. He signed up to Hexitime, keen to get involved with the active timebank community.

The first offer he made on the timebank was an open invitation to join his webinar on ‘Complexity-informed Improvement’ using the process of Human Systems Dynamics (HSD).


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