The Hexitime launch event

As it happened 4th April 2019.

Here is a summary of our launch event for Hexitime, which was held on the 4th April at the Health Foundation auditorium.

Hexitime welcomed early adopters to the Health Foundation and the buzz around the concept was palpable.

The day brought together an exciting culmination of 18 months of hard work developing the platform and shaping it to meet the growing demand in the health and care system.

Co-founder Hesham Abdalla shrugged off his recent bike crash injuries to open the session, musing: “I would not have missed this for anything. It feels like we are on the verge of something very important and very worthwhile".

Platform founder Robert Woolf from Made Open gave our users a brief demo showing us all how we can share our improvement skills and also ask for others to help. His helpful guidance can be seen in this video:

Penny Pereira, Programme Director of the Q Community shared her thoughts at the launch event and suggested that Hexitime could be an ideal candidate for New Power approaches.

Co-founder John Lodge took the audience through a series of really meaningful exchanges that have already happened on Hexitime, from data skill exchanges to human factors knowledge shares.

The Hexithon!

We used the liberating structures "1-2-4-All" method to get participants thinking and talking about what they can offer and what they need to deliver great healthcare. People connected in the room and initiated real activities that participants are committed to. View all Hexitime activities here.

We also learned about the power and potential for Hexitime to enable patient co-production in healthcare improvement and cross-organisational working.

Thank you to all our early adopters who participated on the day. They provided valuable feedback and helped us to expand our offers and requests for healthcare improvement.

To close, a reminder from Penny that Hexitime has the building block to be ACE – help us stay Actionable, Connected and Extensible.

Follow our improvement movement on twitter @hexitime or sign up at

If you can invite others from your local QI Community then, help us with this request


John & Hesham

View member profile "John Lodge"

John Lodge

Head of Quality Improvement (London) NHS England and NHS Improvement

I wanted to create a brokering platform where everyone in the health and social care system could...

View member profile "Hesham Abdalla"

Hesham Abdalla

Trust Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement

As a consultant paediatrician, I understand how giving is more fulfilling than getting and have...

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