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Corporate Profile

Hexitime is an award winning national improvement skills timebank for the health and social care system, and currently the only one in the UK. It originated from the Health Foundation as the top voted innovative project on the 2018 Q Exchange, and has since grown into a not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC).

Our mission is to support improvement projects in health and social care by making sure the right skill sets are available for free, when they are needed and regardless of organisational boundaries. 

Hexitime has also been involved to support the NHS through the pandemic and has been listed in the #COVID19 supplier catalogue with the Crown Commercial Service as a volunteer and skillshare platform. 

For more information on Hexitime, please visit our information pages, have a look at our benefits, read the impact stories of our members, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Partner with us

Hexitime is a not for profit Community Interest Company that commits to providing timebanking technology to health and social care free at the point of use. We rely on charitable grants and our fantastic health partners to keep this going. If you would like to make a donation contact

Find out more about the advantages of joining us :

Benefits Cost Annual fee
Strategic partnership
  • Campaign partner benefits, plus
  • A seat at our decision making group to steer the future of Hexitime 
  • Additional comms and admin support for projects in your area
£5k excl. VAT £5k excl. VAT
Campaign partner
  • Unlimited campaigns on our feature that gives you a protected time banking space for a project you are leading
  • Private space for group chat, file share, surveys and project management
  • Stats feedback on your campaign progress
  • Hexitime comms and admin support
£3k excl. VAT £1,500 excl. VAT
Bespoke platform
  • Use our tech, but for your own managed platform
Approx £15k Approx £3-5k excl. VAT

Check out our strategic partners

We've partnered with some of the most inspiring and forward-thinking organizations to help improve NHS work. We count on the support and the presence of exceptional partners who contribute every day to the success of businesses. Click here and discover our strategic partners.                                                                                                                         


Interested in partnering with us ? 

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Already a partner ? 

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Hexitime is funded by the Health Foundation’s Q Exchange programme. The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.

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