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Trust Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement

As a consultant paediatrician, I understand how giving is more fulfilling than getting and have seen timebanking catalyse connections in a local neighbourhood. I thought it could work in a virtual community like ours. So John Lodge and I won funding through the Health Foundation Q Exchange, and with Made Open built this platform to conduct skills exchanges. Our vision is that Hexitime brings quality improvers together to do more productive, fulfilling work and so increase the value we bring.

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Are you interested in the value that Hexitime brings to its members, their organisations, and the patients and public we serve? Knowing this could ... Read more

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Are you planning an event for individuals with experience or expertise in quality improvement who might become Hexitime members or supporters? At ... Read more

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I am offering up to an hour of QI coaching to help you think through a challenge that you are facing in improving your service and come up with ... Read more

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We need someome to answer the phone and help with basic admin please!   All you need is a good telephone manner and readiness to support a ... Read more

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