Mental Health Worker

I'm looking for a mentor to support me in becoming a Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist.

Identifying as an ethnic minority, born in the North of England and now residing in East London, my hardships and struggles have led me on a path of self-discovery and exploration. I aspire to bridge the gap for future generations of young black men who wish to pursue a career in Psychotherapy; as well as act as a beacon of hope for those who are considering Psychotherapy in order to understand themselves and their past.

My current role involves being a part of the Neurodevelopmental Pathway as a Mental Health Worker offering individual and group therapeutic support for children and young people with either a diagnosis or suspected Autism & ADHD and Co-occurring Mental Health difficulties. Previous experience as an Assistant Psychologist in and around East London delivering assessments & play-based interventions under the supervision of both Clinical and Educational Psychologists in both clinic and school settings. During this time, I also trained as a Therapeutic Play Worker at the Institute of Arts in Therapy & Education in London.

I also run a Mental Health blog which I share my experiences at instagram.com/youngblckpsych and I offer a voice to such topics on my podcast YouThinkYouKnow, available on all major podcast streaming services.

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My name is Shyaam Bundy and I am an aspiring Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist. I'm looking for a mentor to support me in becoming a Child ... Read more

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