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I am a multi-cultural nomad with 14 years’ experience in organisational change in healthcare setting. My name is Hodan Noor, I am of Somali origin and have lived in Qatar and later in a Boarding School in India. I am conversant in Arabic, Somali and understand Hindi.

My career in the United Kingdom has been primarily focused on organisational change working in regional and national arenas in the NHS. Coupled with facilitating learning programmes using workshops and leadership coaching to improve health outcomes. I am in the business of facilitating relationships with multi partners and stakeholders to maximise returns.

In the last two years I have started out on my own and have worked with companies like Nokia and Airbus on Innovation, Agile methodologies and coaching.

My values are business integrity, giving back to society, accountability and leading with compassion. I am unapologetically analytical with an amiable-mindset, I have a great need to understand the detail of the challenge and engage with authenticity to identify a collective solution.

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I would like to offer coaching and mentoring to black and ethnic minority workforce in the NHS. Previous to being an independant consultant I have ... Read more

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