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Awarded 17th July 2020

Partner at Easier Inc - we help people make work work better

I'm a partner in a small independent consulting practice - we focus on helping people clear the fog of complexity, reduce the causes of friction that get in the way of doing what matters, & build fellowship by building a systematic focus on respecting people's needs & strengths, & breaking down 'power-over' management systems.

Expertise in coaching, leadership, service design & improvement, complexity/systems thinking, quality improvement, organisation design, agile. Experience consulting in local government, health & social care & complex multi-agency interventions. Spent 18 month contract as Director of QI helping CQC kick-start its internal QI programme.

I am actively involved in helping providers & funders re-frame their approach to funding & regulation. Also a visiting fellow at Newcastle Business School; translating practical innovation into academic evidence. 

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I'm an experienced consultant & coach, enhancing my practice by developing skills in using 'clean language' approach to listening.  You ... Read more

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