Darzi Fellow & Psychotherapist

My Darzi fellowship is in EQUIP (Enabling Quality Improvement in Practice), which provides Quality Improvement Coaches to all GP practices in Tower Hamlets. The lack of coproduction in setting the Quality Improvement agenda, and the lack of a co-coaching model, is a fundamental gap in EQUIP.The Darzi project team (of community QI coaches and EQUIP staff) will implement a methodology in stage one, where Communities identify priorities, before professionals join to co-produce five primary care priority areas. The methodology includes door knocking, world cafe, and a workshop with staff and community, beofre bringing funders together to explore commitment to the themes. The methodology is coproduced, with community and staff members together forming the project team.

The second stage of the project will involve a co coaching model, (Community and EQUIP coaches) implementing two Quality Improvement projects, in the same GP practices in the Isle of Dogs.

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