Graduate of an NHS Leadership Academy Programme

Awarded 29th June 2020

coaching and supervision

I am a nurse and spent most of my career in the NHS.  Throughout the 2010s I worked in PCTs/CCGs  and finally in NHSE in a regional leadership role.  I am an executive coach and did a lot of Healthcare Leadership 360 facilitation plus other coaching for leadership, whilst in my NHS roles. 

At the end of 2019, I decided to take the opportunity of my early nurse pension and to leave the NHS.  This has given me time to reflect and develop my passions for improving outcomes in health and social care.  I am still working closely with the NHS and, during the pandemic have volunteered my services to the NHS. This fits with my values and I get so much from the experience. 

I want to continue supporting leaders through coaching and I welcome conversations to improve the quality of health and social care through effective supervision and reflection. 

I am establishing ' virtual conversations' to encourage networking and sharing of ideas to become powerful interventions. 

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I am an Executive Coach. I would like to offer virtual coaching. This would be developing a coaching relationship and offering monthly-6 weekly ... Read more

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