Introducing a unique skills exchange and timebank to help a network of innovators within the NHS improve health and care quality across the UK.

The Healthcare Skills Exchange Ltd, in partnership with Made Open, are pleased to support the launch of Hexitime - a virtual currency for skills exchanges that will source the skills, energy and expertise of the 3,000 strong Q Community.

Led by the Health Foundation, supported and co-funded by NHS Improvement, the Q Community is a member network of improvement specialists and special interest groups. This online platform will enable Q members to offer or request skills at organisational, regional or national levels for improvement work; maximising the skills and experiences of everybody who participates to improve health and social care services.

Speaking about the new platform, John Lodge, Head of Quality Improvement for the London region at NHS Improvement, says, “I am passionate about supporting people in the Health and Social Care system to improve services together and I believe this platform will allow us all to benefit from the vast amount of untapped potential in our skills and experiences to do this". 

This platform will allow us all to benefit from the vast amount of untapped potential in our skills and experiences.

John Lodge

Building on established timebanking principles, the platform rewards each exchange and adds to it by drawing attention to the skills that people have to offer. When members offer their skills for improvement work, they can bank time credits, spend these credits to draw Q members into their own work and even donate credits to others - all the time sharing their contributions and profile with the Q community.

As Robert Woolf, founder of Made Open, explains, “Because our platform is a community network, Hexitime isn’t simply a catalogue of offers / requests like many other timebanking platforms; but a two-way skills exchange”.

Hesham Abdalla, Consultant Paediatrician at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Management and Leadership, adds, “Timebanking is a framework for people who would not normally meet to come together. It taps into a complementary currency of human resources – relationships, time, energy, knowledge and skills – helping to foster reciprocity and strengthen social networks".

Timebanking helps to foster reciprocity and strengthen social networks.

Hesham Abdalla

Hexitime launched on the 4th April 2019. It is hoped that exchanges will include mentoring and coaching, patient safety advice, data analysis and evaluation, sharing resources, workshop facilitation, peer review and support pathway development.

Hexitime is funded by the Health Foundation’s Q Exchange programme. The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.


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