Hear what some of our members and partners have to say.

Hexitime has the potential to channel the Black Country STP’s improvement activity and campaigns and really mobilise our workforce in a radically different way.

Richard Beeken, CEO Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and Black Country STP

Hexitime has been chosen by the Walsall Together Alliance as a transformative way to ignite collaboration across the system and connect innovative ideas.

Daren Fradgley, Interim Director of Walsall Together

I really recommend Hexitime - a healthcare skills exchange platform. I've found a QI coach, gained an improvement seminar and accessed a tour of a neighbouring trust's QI systems. Useful for all of us.

Dr. Deborah Dover, AMD for Quality Improvement & Consultant Psychiatrist

[Hexitime] Time Bank is inspirational. A wonderful means of harnessing our intrinsic kindness for the benefit of all.

Prof. Michael West

Thanks Hexitime a great exchange with someone today - I had offered to help them but they ended up helping me in return!

Lyse Edwards, Head of Operations (Children's and Families)

...it levels the playing field...with connections & exchanges not based on hierarchy, title or seniority, but on skills & knowledge, demonstrating one’s function doesn't determine their value or the value of their skills & experience.

George Anibaba, KSS AHSN

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