Why we provide this feature:

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our NHS colleagues are in immediate need of volunteers willing to help coordinate activity on their behalf while they are focussed on patient care. We feel a responsibility to use our technology to support the power of community and to share expertise as we fight this virus together. 

Hexitime is supporting NHS staff by providing volunteering opportunities that focus on 2 aspects: 

  1. Volunteering that frees up clinical time for patient care
  2. Volunteering that reduces stress for workers around their shifts

We are calling on health care professionals who can volunteer their expertise remotely or on-site to help strengthen the health system community through the Covid-19 epidemic.


What our members gain:

  • As the volunteering opportunities are offered by our members themselves, they gain resources in the volunteers.
  • They gain experience
  • They learn from each other 
  • They can make a difference to fight and slow the spread of COVID-19
  • They can help to save health and lives 
  • They widen their network 

Continue to act and keep healthcare moving forward by becoming a volunteer.


Why post volunteering opportunities:

  • The volunteering function allows members to help each other out without having to exchange credits.
  • You can coordinate volunteering at scale for your organisation because we facilitate manageable peer-to-peer connections. 
  • Many frontline staff will need help through the pandemic, and this allows them to ask for as much as they need without any obligation to give back
  • There are lots of enthusiastic volunteers out there who want to help - if they see your volunteering opportunity they can quickly engage with you via our messaging service. 
  • Hexitime will support you with coverage for your volunteering through our social media channels and strategic partnerships.

Hexitime community members should check back frequently for volunteering opportunities as they are being posted every day.


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