Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 04/02/2024

Privacy policy

Who we share your personal data with

Purpose of Data Usage: Your personal information will be utilized for the specified purposes outlined herein. This signifies that your data will only be employed for legitimate and predefined reasons.

Consent-Based Third-Party Sharing: Your personal data may be disclosed to third parties, but only with your explicit consent. This ensures that your information won’t be shared with external parties unless you have expressly agreed to it.

Sharing with Employees for Enhanced User Experience: We may share personal information with our internal staff to enhance the user experience on our platform. This implies that our internal teams or employees may access user data to improve our service.

Compliance with Legal Requirements: Personal information may be revealed as required by applicable laws and regulations. This indicates that if there are legal obligations to share data, we will comply with these legal requirements.

Transfer in Business Transactions: In the event of a sale of our business or business assets, your personal information may be transferred as part of this transaction. This aligns with common practices in business acquisitions and mergers.

Utilization for Legal Rights and Defense: Your personal data may be employed to establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights. This may involve legal actions, dispute resolution, or safeguarding against potential legal claims.

Protection of Rights and Safety: We may also use personal information to protect the rights, property, or safety of our organization, our clients, or others. This encompasses actions taken to ensure the security and well-being of individuals and assets.

No Unauthorized Disclosure: Except as explicitly detailed here, we are committed to not providing or selling your personal information to third parties without your consent or unless legally obligated to do so.

Who we share data with What we share Why we share it
Mission Ctrl All data As the coders of this software, Mission Ctrl processes data on behalf of Hexitime in the development of the software.
Hexitime and their authorised users. All data As the customer, Hexitime are the data controller.
Hexitime partner organisations/networks who may share on social media Activity data To enable the organisations/networks that you are involved with to support activities, gauge involvement and improve activity offer to increase engagement if needed
Kumu Name and photograph from your public profile and who you have done an activity exchange with* To create interactive maps that can offer insight into the connections between users on Hexitime
Microsoft Azure Technical data All data captured via our software service is securely stored with our internet hosting provider Azure
Klaviyo Email addressUsername / Full name To send out relevant website updates and information (e.g. “We’ve updated our terms and conditions”).
Google Analytics IP AddressLanguage setting To process website use data to help us improve user experience (e.g. “20% of users exit the site after X page”). Please note: this data is anonymous and we can’t see individual IP address data.

*If you would like to opt out of this, you can do so at anytime by emailing